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The Posidonia shale around Holzmaden is famous for his fossils from the Lower Jurassic. One of the first fossil collectors at all was Duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg in 1749. When Bernhard Hauff uncovered fine, coal-black remnants while preparing an ichthyosaur in 1892, it was the first time that fossil remnants of soft tissue were detected. Since then, Holzmaden fossils made their way into the museums worldwide. Even if the "golden" times of manual mining passed and only a few findings are made once in a while, this classic Fossillagerstaette has lost nothing of its attractiveness. Nowhere else in the world are vertebrates found in this quality. The crinoids, among the largest fossil colonies in the world, are unique. The fishes are highly demanded by collectors.

Whether you are looking for a scientific specimen or a prestigious fossil for your collection - we guarantee you professional support. Located in South Germany, with a degree in geology/paleontology in Tübingen, we offer you a fine selection of Holzmaden fossils at an attractive price. Get in contact!




Seirocrinus etc.



Ichthyosaur etc.



Dapedium etc.



Cephalopods etc.

We buy directly from collectors or offer on behalf of owners - both at fair prices with no dealers in between or overhead costs. This is why pieces offered by FOSSILAND are typically sold soon. So stay alert and

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In the Office

Expert Report

We evaluate individual fossils or entire collections. Our market knowledge is based on more than 30 years of observation of the domestic and international market.
Independent expert opinions from Fossiland meet the highest standards of objectivity and market conformity. We also competently support you in choosing the appropriate marketing strategy for high-quality fossils.


Your collection


You want to sell your fossils?
As an alternative to an expert evaluation, we offer you a purchase price offer for outstanding individual items or collections, especially from Holzmaden. Ask us, we will make you a fair offer.


Fossil Show, auction or internet


You want to sell your fossils?
We are happy to assist you in choosing the appropriate marketing strategy.

Are you looking for a specific fossil?
We are happy to use our contacts and advise you in your purchase decision.


In the Lab


A professional preparation creates the decisive "added value" of a fossil. Not only do we have the necessary state-of-the-art "tools," but we also have the skills we need to achieve results that meet the highest scientific and aesthetic standards.

About us

Growing up in the Southwestern part of Germany and living in old town Tuebingen, my fascination with geology and paleontology became my profession. My early passion was focussed on Holzmaden fossils nearby. These are not only scientifically unique, why the term "Lagerstaette" was initially applied by Prof. Dolf Seilacher, Tuebingen, to this fossil site (and for Bundenbach), also in terms of aesthetics these fossils are appealing and sought after by collectors worldwide.



Paleontology is not a trade for me, but passion.
And now for over 20 years:
As a certified geologist / paleontologist, Companion of scientific excavations, Museum preparator, Appraiser and expert for fossils.
At Fossiland you will find an experienced expert and personally take care of your request. Get in contact!
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Quality Promise

As a member of the Professional Association of Paleontologists AAPS has subjected Fossiland to strict codes of conduct for the responsible handling of fossils - including fair dealing with customers and cooperation with scientific institutions.


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