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Fish from the Posidonia shale are neglected compared to vertebrates and crinoids. Be it because they are not that attractive as collector's items or because they compete with numerous other fossil sites. The fact is that fish from Holzmaden show a great diversity and are important in terms of evolutionary history.
This is how you find each other ancient enamel-scaled fishes such as Dapedium and Lepidotes with a shell made of bony scales that were covered with a layer of enamel. A more advanced form is represented by Pachycormus, a large extinct predatory fish. Fine scales, a heavily ossified inner skeleton, and jaws with many pointed teeth are reminiscent of modern fish. Individual finds reveal the contents of the stomach or intestines. But exotic species can also be found, such as discoidal shaped fish known as Tetragonolepis semisincta. What all fish from Holzmaden have in common is that they are relatively rare, much rarer than finds of ichthyosaurs or crinoids.

Whether you are looking for a scientific specimen or a prestigious fossil for your collection - located in South Germany, close to the source, we offer you a fine selection of Holzmaden fish at an attractive price. 


Pachycormus bollensis (XL)
73x38cm cm (matrix)
Holzmaden; Lias Epsilon II/4

Large predatory fish, on natural matrix (in situ, not inserted into a Fleins plate), spectacular preservation - with detailed teeth, without any fossil restauration, minor matrix repair, plate with wall-hanging mould.
An impressive piece of museum quality offered on behalf of a customer.

Hypsocormus insignis

Hypsocormus insignis
38x17x1.5 cm (matrix)
Holzmaden; Lias Epsilon II/4

Complete fish, very rare, spectacular preservation, all original, zero restauration, detailed teeth and scleral eye ring, on natural matrix, plate with wall-hanging mould.
A very delicate piece of museum quality.

We buy directly from collectors or offer on behalf of owners - both at fair prices with no dealers in between or overhead costs. This is why pieces offered by FOSSILAND are typically sold soon - like the ones shown below. So stay alert and

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