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Fossil Purchase Offer

"What is a fossil worth?" Asked the magazine Der Spiegel in a post 2013 and gave the succinct answer: "A fossil is worth as much as it gets paid for."

The essence of the statement is due to the fact that for outsiders hardly any other market is as opaque and enigmatic as the trade in fossils. If the value of minerals, such as to estimate diamonds according to defined criteria, the same applies to fossils: each piece is unique. In this respect one could think, also each purchase offer is correct and none wrong.

In this respect, the same principles apply as for expert reports. In the case of a purchase offer, you have the opportunity to test the market yourself and to put our offer to the test.



You want to sell your fossils?
As an alternative to an expert evaluation, we offer you a purchase price offer for outstanding individual items or collections. Ask us, we will make you a fair offer.

The offer for a purchase is usually based on your photos. A visual inspection of your fossil or your collection is indicated when it comes to outstanding pieces or a replica can not be excluded. There are no costs for any visit.

The following criteria, as for the expert opinion, also apply to any purchase by Fossiland:

  •     Scientific name (possibly genus / species) 
  •     Age or stratigraphic assignment
  •     Locality (if possible)
  •     Conservation status, type of preparation, any special features
  •     Reference to references, publications, etc. (if possible)
  •     Information on size and weight, photo for clear identification
  •     Valuation

If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact us and send photos without obligation. If possible, please describe your piece or collection.

If you are interested, after clarification of the factors determining the value, you will receive a purchase price offer binding for Fossiland, which you can examine at your leisure. If you do not accept the offer, you will not be bound by any obligations.