Holzmaden Fossil Expert Report

We evaluate your fossils

Expert Report of your Fossils
with appraisal on a fee basis

"What is a fossil worth?" Asked the magazine "Der Spiegel" in a post 2013 and gave the succinct answer: "A fossil is worth as much as it gets paid for."

The essence of the statement is due to the fact that for outsiders hardly any other market is as opaque and enigmatic as the trade in fossils. If the value of minerals, such as to estimate diamonds according to defined criteria, the same applies to fossils: each piece is unique. In this respect, one might think that every expertise is correct and not wrong.

Anyone who carefully observes the global market with its trends, however, recognizes patterns that justify a valuation.
These experiences from leading international trade fairs and auctions are supported by special databases and extensive archive material as well as a network of institutional and private experts from Germany and abroad.



We evaluate individual fossils or entire collections. Our market knowledge is based on more than 30 years of observation of the domestic and international market.
Independent expert opinions from Fossiland meet the highest standards of objectivity and market conformity. We also competently support you in choosing the appropriate marketing strategy for high-quality fossils.

Expert Reports by Fossiland contain the following informations:

  • Scientific name (possibly genus / species) 
  • Age or stratigraphic assignment
  • Locality (if possible)
  • Conservation status, type of preparation, any special features
  • Reference to references, publications, etc. (if possible)
  • Information on size and weight, photo for clear identification
  • Valuation

You will receive objectively comprehensible expertise with details on the determination of the (fictitious) market value - the price that can be expected to be achieved at the time of the appraisal from the above-mentioned information.

The actual market price may differ, because e.g. the demand is severely limited and there is no "normal business" or vice versa, a prospective buyer is willing to pay a "lover's price".

The Expert Report provides a reliable basis for e.g. following decisions:

  • Adjustment of your household contents insurance
  • Clarification of inheritance matters or division questions.
  • Submission in an auction, sale on trade fair or to dealers
  • Commissioning of a preparation for value enhancement

If you are interested, please contact us and send photos without obligation. If possible, please describe your piece or collection. On this basis you will receive a fixed-price fee offer - no hidden costs, which you can check without time pressure. If you do not accept the offer, you will not be bound by any obligations.