Holzmaden Fossil Ichthyosaurs


The fact that the term "fossil deposit" was first applied by A. Seilacher in 1970 to the fossil deposits around Holzmaden (and Bundenbach) is due to the worldwide unique accumulation and preservation of vertebrates. The vertebrates found in Holzmaden were the first ever traded fossils. The fossil trade goes back to Duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg. In 1749 he commissioned the delivery of important fossils to Stuttgart for teaching purposes in return for a premium. Among them was an Ichthyosaur fragment with an embryo in its body - the oldest dinosaur find in Central Europe. Embryos often lie embedded in a black substance. When Bernhard Hauff uncovered extremely fine, carbon-black remains while working on an Ichthyosaur in 1892 and explained these as skin preservation, this was initially declared impossible by Prof. Oskar Fraas. In fact, it was the first time that remains of soft tissue were uncovered from fossils. The triumph of fossils from Holzmaden to museums around the world has continued unbroken ever since.

Whether you are looking for a scientific specimen or a prestigious fossil for your collection - located in South Germany, close to the source, we offer you a fine selection of Holzmaden Ichthyosaur fossils at an attractive price. 



Stenopterygius quadriscissus, Belemnite (XL)
25x37x3.5 cm Matrix, 17 cm Belemnit
Holzmaden; Lias Epsilon II/6

All natural, thick plate with 40 vertebrae, associated by an impressive belemnite. Professional steel mounting, ready for hanging. From an old collection, offered on behalf of the owner at a reasonable price.


Steneosaurus bollensis

Steneosaurus bollensis
15x10.5x6 cm
Holzmaden/Ohmden; Lias Epsilon II/6

Complete Vertebra with zero restauration, fixed on natural matrix.
Delicate, free standing hand piece at a reasonable price.

We buy directly from collectors or offer on behalf of owners - both at fair prices with no dealers in between or overhead costs. This is why pieces offered by FOSSILAND are typically sold soon - like the ones shown below. So stay alert and

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