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The Posidonia shale around Holzmaden is famous for his crinoids. Crinoids are commonly known as sea lilies due to their "flower-like" appearance , though they are animals, not plants. Crinoids are echinoderms related to starfish, sea urchins, and brittle stars.

Seirocrinus subangularis from the Lower Jurassic of Holzmaden is known for spectacular finds, which are showpieces of museum collections worldwide. 1724 Friedrich Hiemer published a treatise on the “Swabian Medusa head”, in which he was one of the first to describe the animals not only as nature's games, but as the remains of an actually living but extinct animal. Hiemer explained, that the reason for the occurrence of this fossil lies in the “flood of sin” described in the Bible. The first natural sciences faculty in Germany was founded in Tübingen in 1863, and Quenstedt was the first dean. The focus of the museum, which was inaugurated in 1902, was the head of Medusa. Based on this piece, 1980 Prof. A. Seilacher turned the previous idea of ​​the crinoids way of life on its head: He postulated a floating lifestyle for the animals, attached in colonies to driftwood, with their "heads" down. Seirocrinus was chosen as “Fossil of the Year” in 2018 by the German Paleontological Society.

Whether you are looking for a scientific specimen or a prestigious fossil for your collection - located in South Germany, close to the source, we offer you a fine selection of Holzmaden crinoids at an attractive price. 

Crinoids (Sea Lilies)

Seirocrinus subangularis

Seirocrinus subangularis XL
60x110x3 cm Matrix, 97 cm Fossil, 35 cm crown; 75 kg
Holzmaden, Lias Epsilon I/2

Complete sea lily, large fanned crown with excellent detail and long stem, grown on driftwood. Inserted into a stable slate plate (Fleins). Professional steel mounting, ready for hanging. A museum item from an old collection, offered on behalf of the owner. Very aesthetic, eyecatcher!

Seirocrinus subangularis
38x17x1.5 cm
Holzmaden, Lias Epsilon I/2

Delicate mini colony with three individuals at perfect conditions, showing fine details like cirri, unbroken plate, no fixings. No composite, all natural!

Pentacrinites fossilis

Pentacrinites fossilis
33x46 cm (Matrix)
Lower Jurassic, Black Ven, Charmouth, Lyme Regis, Dorset, England 

Spectacular crinoid colony with more than a dozen complete specimen. Old find from a classic locality. Rare at that size and quality.

We buy directly from collectors or offer on behalf of owners - both at fair prices with no dealers in between or overhead costs. This is why pieces offered by FOSSILAND are typically sold soon - like the ones shown below. So stay alert and

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