Holzmaden Fossil Brokerage

We support you selling your Fossils

Brokerage of your Fossils
on a commission basis

Crucial for the trade in valuable fossils are the exact knowledge of their origin, quality of the preparation and in particular any defects or manipulations, no matter,
- whether you plan to market your fossil collection or parts thereof in your name and on evidence
- or instead want to submit a search request for a fossil.



You want to sell your fossils?
We are happy to assist you in choosing the appropriate marketing strategy.

Are you looking for a specific fossil?
We are happy to use our contacts and advise you in your purchase decision.


In contrast to Internet platforms, the established auction houses all have a high level of expertise in the valuation of the pieces offered. Commission fees of around 40% are aimed at a clientele willing to pay top prices for exclusive items. As a seller you should consider a delivery carefully, as well as non-sale (approximately a proportion of 30% of the pieces called) incur not inconsiderable costs. Although to varying degrees, all auctions have in common that the responsibility for the description of the object as well as the (minimum) selling price ultimately lie with you as the seller.
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Trade Fairs

Anyone who knows the value of his fossil collection, wants to sell it and does not shy away from the effort, is well advised to sell it directly through a trade fair. The exclusivity of the top fairs has its price for the sellers. If a simple booth in Stuttgart / Leinfelden costs just a few hundred euros, and if it is around 3,000 EUR in Munich, then around 10,000 EUR have to be budgeted for a suite in Tucson. Even those who want to explore the market and retailers for a possible purchase, a trade fair visit offers advantages in every case.

If you need support, we can offer you the following services:

  • Expert Reports with valuation as a reliable basis for sale or purchase
  • Brokerage and sale or purchase in your name and on proof
  • Advice on the appropriate procedure

If you are interested, please contact us and tell us your request. We provide you with a commission-based offer tailored to your needs, which you can check without stress. If you do not accept the offer, you will not be bound by any obligations.