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Diademopsis crinifera
29x22 cm
Holzmaden; Lias Epsilon I/2
(occurrence limited to a single horizon)

Delicate, unbroken plate, with a spectacular assemblage of approx. 50 sea urchins, completely preserved, with spiky trimmings - a unique piece of museum quality.


Lytoceras trautscholdi_Holzmaden_03

Lytoceras trautscholdi
60x50x5 cm
Holzmaden/Ohmden; Lias Epsilon I/2

150,- EUR

Huge Lytoceras showing fine details, inserted to a stable Fleins slab, with professional V8-steal wand hanging moulds (17.3 kg).
Comes from an old collection, offered on behalf of a customer.

Loligosepia aalensis (synonym Geoteuthis bollensis), with inc sag
40x30 cm, weight: 8.2 kg
Lias epsilon II/4, unterer Schiefer

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