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Pachycormus bollensis

Pachycormus bollensis (XL)
73x38cm cm (matrix)
Holzmaden; Lias Epsilon II/4

Large predatory fish, on natural matrix (in situ, not inserted into a Fleins plate), spectacular preservation - with detailed teeth, without any fossil restauration, minor matrix repair, plate with wall-hanging mould.
An impressive piece of museum quality at a reasonable price, offered on behalf of a customer.

Hypsocormus insignis

Hypsocormus insignis
38x17x1.5 cm (matrix)
Holzmaden; Lias Epsilon II/4

Complete fish, very rare, spectacular preservation, all original, zero restauration, detailed teeth and scleral eye ring, on natural matrix, plate with wall-hanging mould.
A very delicate piece of museum quality.

We buy directly from collectors or offer on behalf of owners - both at fair prices with no dealers in between or overhead costs. This is why pieces offered by FOSSILAND are typically sold soon - like the ones shown below. So stay alert and

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