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Matrix: 75x32 cm
Holzmaden; Lias Epsilon II/6

Very aesthetic Pachycormus, embedded in a Fleins plate, excellent quality and preservation, professionally prepared at state of art, with originally preserved fins - no reconstruction, visible teeth. 
A museum grade specimen, the best of its kind offered so far at Fossiland with very delicate details, offered at a reasonable price - definitely a good investment, be fast!

Buying this fossil the collector/owner will bill you. Fossiland will provide you all the safety, including 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 14-day return policy and worldwide shipping on request.

Multi plate 76x30x2cm (matrix)
Dapedium caclatus; 22cm (fossil)
Loligosepia aalensis: 28cm (fossil); 7.9 kg
Holzmaden; Lias Epsilon II/4

Very aesthetic association of Dapedium with fine details like teeth, no composite, inserted in a natural unbroken plate with Logiosepia showing phantastic details like ink sac. A real eye catcher. 

Dapedium caclatus 
70x50x3 cm (fossil: 40 cm)
Holzmaden; Lias Epsilon I/2

Extremely rare, complete fish, spectacular preservation, original fins (proof by UV light), typically quare-shaped scales and a bony-armoured head with detailed teeth and scleral eye ring, enbedded in a stable Fleins slab with wall-hanging moulds. Dapedium is much rarer than any Ichthyosaur or crinoid.
Offering on behalf of a local collector at a very reasonable price, what is significantly less than offered by international retailers or at big fossil shows.
An eye catcher in museum quality and definitely a good investment. 
100% satisfaction garanteed, 14-day return policy, worldwide shipping.

Saurostomus esocinus; 54x21x4cm (matrix); 51 cm (fossil); 8.6kg; 
Holzmaden; Lias Epsilon II/4

Stunning large, very rare species, with only minor restauration, imprtessive head with showing teeth, on natural matrix, with steel frame.
A museum quality piece for the serious collector. Offered nowhere else.

We buy directly from collectors or offer on behalf of owners - both at fair prices with no dealers in between or overhead costs. This is why pieces offered by FOSSILAND are typically sold soon - like the ones shown below. So stay alert and

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